So your favorite burner account superstar is back at it again and this time he has his sights set on the media. Kevin Durant, after another terrific performance in demolition of the Spurs, spoke to the media for the first time in nine days since Kris Porzingis was traded away from the Knicks. Seen as a move by the Knicks to create significant cap room to make a run at the two-time champion this summer, speculation has run rampant about whether or not Kevin Durant could land in the Big Apple at the conclusion of the season as a free agent.

A salivating media began peppering questions to Durant about his loud silence over the last nine days and Durant was not here for it. When asked about his silence he said in part “I didn’t feel like talking the last couple days…”. When asked if his silence had anything to do with free agency he said “That’s the conversation you’re going to have. I don’t think about that kind of stuff. That’s your job.” Durant, who was visibly frustrated about the conversation that nothing to do with the brilliance he had just displayed on the court, bristled at reporters for almost 3 minutes before finally storming out of his press conference. In an ironic twist of fate the one distraction that he hoped to avoid through silence became an even bigger one through his understandable, yet curious response.

For what it’s what worth Durant is a complicated superstar and his authenticity and honesty has been refreshing to some and annoying to others who feel he’s rode a gravy train to back to back titles and who is on his way to a third this season. For some his ability to be honest and forthright are a connivence of winning back to back titles and Finals MVP’s. For others its a superstar simply looking for attention. For Durant his latest episode of truth telling season now finds himself mired in distraction when he simply didn’t have to be (at least this time). The door was burst open and closed after his public spat with teammate Draymond Green after Green questioned his commitment to the Warriors beyond this season. Further complicating matters is the growing belief within the Warriors organization, according to Ethan Strauss of The Athletic, that Durant is already gone at the end of the season after the Warriors presumably win their third title in as many years. Thus, the speculation around Durant going to New York or anywhere for that matter has been a hot topic of discussion.

To be fair the media is driven by rumors, speculation, and drama that allows for you and I to consume sports in sometimes very unhealthy ways. At the same time, Durant has been there and done that and simply could have squashed the questions about his impending free agency like a Brock Lesnar Universal Title match. Instead he went on the offensive and added unnecessary fuel to a fire that was burning without him even saying a word to begin with.

For Durant and the Warriors, this is another footnote on what has been a roller coaster ride this season and we’re not even at the all-star break yet. Kevin Durant is a superstar and the constant needling by the media at times is unwarranted and all he wants for himself is to “let us play basketball.” Unfortunately, his choice of team and how he came to that decision doesn’t allow for that. He knows what he signed up for and his reaction while, yes understandable and for the most part justified, is also inexcusable for the 12 year star. He has dealt with the media and melodrama for too long to have responded this way to something he knows he has no control over. Making his response all the more curious for the mild-mannered superstar. Only time will tell what will happen for Durant and his time with Golden State. For now it’s time for Durant as he said to “just play ball; is that a problem?”

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