The XFL doesn’t kickoff until 2020, but XFL Founder and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon & XFL CEO Oliver Luck have been very busy.

As the new XFL continues to form, Luck has begun constructing coaches and front office personnel for its 8 franchises. Just 10 days ago, former Oklahoma Sooners HC Bob Stoops was named the Head Coach and GM of the XFL Dallas franchise.

Now, the Washington D.C XFL franchise has its new head man and he’s a hometown guy.

Pep Hamilton, the former Indianapolis Colts Offensive Coordinator and University of Michigan Offensive Assistant Coach, was named the Head Coach and General Manager at the XFL’s Washington D.C. press conference earlier Thursday.

The XFL, which kicks off February 8th, 2020, has been very busy with game format testing, team construction and promotion of its ‘reimagined’ football experience in recent months.

After the league had its famous flameout after just one season in 2001. The new XFL has been much more measured in its approach the second time around.

The tone and tenor of the new XFL demonstrates that they want to be taken much more seriously and it’s coaches and GM’s reflect the new direction the league is attempting to go.

Hamilton brings a wealth of experience to the XFL, having been an assistant in the NFL for 11 seasons, while also serving as an offensive assistant at Howard, Stanford and most recently at Michigan.

The six remaining XFL franchises to name HC/GM’s include: Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, St. Louis, and Tampa.

The XFL is off and running and excitement around the league continues to grow especially as big name coaches and GM’s continue to be named.

Flip the pages to see the XFL’s newest Coach-GM Pep Hamilton presser.

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