It’s no secret that Paul Pierce’s greatest rival was LeBron James.

James ended the Celtics dynastic run in 2012 after a bitter 7 game series in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Paul Pierce and James also had classic duels throughout the years in the regular and postseasons.

Their individual rivalry apexed in 2008 when both went off for over 40 points in an epic game 7 in the East Semis when James was a member of the Cavaliers and Pierce’s Celtics prevailed and eventually went on to the NBA Finals.

Through the years James has tortured the Celtics either as a member of the Heat or the Cavaliers even after Pierce’s playing days were over.

Last season James famously walked into Boston in game 7, with Pierce on the front row, and eliminated the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Naturally, as James transitioned to the Lakers, Pierce’s rivalry with James has grown a wee bit more salty.

With the Lakers struggling mightily at 29-31 and out of playoff picture currently; Pierce took the opportunity to provide some radical, albeit unsolicited advice to the Lakers with respect to the four-time MVP.

Pierce’s suggestion…sit LeBron…for the rest of the season.

Speaking on ESPN’s The Jump, Pierce suggests that the Lakers bench James for the remainder of the year and they should,

“Shut him down.”

At 29-31 and with 21 games left, time is running out on the Lake Show to make the playoffs this season.

Pierce contends that the Lakers aren’t competing with James in the lineup, so what’s the point in having him continue to play for the rest of the year.

James, 34, missed 17 games with a groin injury during December and January. The Lakers went 6-11 in that stretch and have never really recovered from it.

Coupled with a pair of bad losses to the Pelicans and Grizzlies recently, things are looking bleak for the Lakers.

Pierce thinks it’s time for the Lakers to mail it in for the season and get LeBron healthy for a run next year.

Oh Paul.

Do you agree with Pierce?

Should the Lakers shut LeBron down for the remainder of the season?

Needless to say, it’s going to be a wild 21 game finish for the Lakers.

Pierce, I’m sure is hoping that the Lakers crash and burn with LeBron & co. for the remainder of the year.

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