Could Kevin Durant really be headed to the New York Knicks?

According to ESPN’s Ian Begley, Durant going to the Knicks is almost a virtual certainty.

In a new report, Begley says,

“It’s easier to find street parking in Manhattan than it is to find an NBA executive, player or coach who doesn’t think Durant is going to sign with the Knicks in July.”

Further saying,

“Some of Durant’s former teammates think it’s going to happen, per ESPN sources. Several of his current teammates have told friends that they think it’s going to happen. Opposing agents believe it’s a fait accompli: ‘Just a matter of putting pen to paper, ‘ is how one agent of another top free agent in the 2019 free agent class put it.”

Durant is in the midst of trying to win a third straight championship with the Warriors.

He has tried to eliminate the conversation throughout the season by attempting to remain focused on the task at hand.

Despite that talk has continued to run wild about where Durant will go during free agency this summer.

The Knicks have a lottery pick and could have the number one overall after the Draft Lottery is completed in a couple of weeks.

With cap space cleared, a Lottery pick. and the possibility of Kyrie Irving coming also, things are looking up for the Knickerbockers.

We’ll see if Durant is on his way to the Big Apple once the season is complete.

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