The New York Knicks are really bad.

Knicks Owner and CEO James Dolan has overseen the team since 1999.

There hasn’t been much success to speak of during his reign in New York, and a lot of (if not all) Knicks fans are sick of it.

Apparently the shareholders of Madison Square Garden are finally fed up with Dolan’s hands off approach to leading the Knicks.

If you didn’t know, Dolan is a music buff and has his own band called J.D. & The Straight Shot.

His band has performed (legitimately) all over the world, including six different countries.

MSG shareholders think Dolan is spending a little TOO much time with his band.

So much time in fact that they’ve decided to sue Dolan because of it.

Deadspin reports that MSG shareholders filed suit against Dolan in March alleged he only,

“…works at MSG only part time.”

Dolan has been paid nearly $76 million over the last three years.

The Knicks have won a total of 77 games during that span.

You do the math.

Clearly it doesn’t bother Dolan as he’s working on his band 7th album.

A Dolan family spokesperson said the lawsuit,

“…represent the worst in our legal system. They manufacture complaints and then advertise for clients, also known as trolling.”

While you laugh at Dolan and the Knicks flip the page and watch him jam out.

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