Deadlines make deals…“.

That has been the mantra Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has lived by since he purchased the team in February of 1989. It has served him well (for the most part) throughout his now 31 years as czar of ‘America’s Team.’

After winning 3 Super Bowls in 4 year span in the early and mid-90’s, Jones’s Cowboys haven’t come close to the kind of success befitting of the title of being ‘America’s Team.’

The team is now going on 25 years of having not won football’s richest prize and after another 8-8 season in 2019 the franchise’s biggest decision stares them right in the face, and honestly it shouldn’t be a decision at all.

Its time for the Cowboys to pay Rayne Dakota Prescott, aka Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott will enter in to his 5th season in the NFL in 2020 as a man who has bet on himself time and time again and has come out on top more often than not.

When the Cowboys approached him before the start of the 2019 season in attempt to get a deal done and the two sides were not able to work out a deal, Prescott put his head down and went to work.

Prescott put together the best statistical season of his career last year throwing for over 4900 yards, 30 TDs, and was 4th in total QBR. Through 4 seasons Prescott has 40 wins as a starter, won two divisional titles, and won ROTY in 2016. By every statistical measure, counting or advanced, Prescott has far outperformed his 2016 4th round selection when he was selected 135th overall out of Mississippi St.

Prescott, who is represented by CAA and Todd France (one of pro football’s best agents), is ready to eat his slice of the proverbial pie and to this point has played out his contract negotiations flawlessly and near perfectly. After betting on himself in 2019, Prescott was slapped with the franchise tag of $31.4 million as a deal was not struck before the tag deadline in March. Prescott this season will play for no less than that $31.4 million in 2020.

Rumors have swirled about his wanting a 4-yr contract to allow him an opportunity to take advantage of the exploding television contract money to come in 2022. While the Cowboys, who love to maintain contractual control over their players, are rumored to want a 5-yr deal for the QB, because they too know the television contracts will be renegotiated in just a few years time. And if Prescott continues to play at the pace he has during his first four seasons, there is no doubt he will command  a salary commensurate of his contemporaries which both sides are equally aware of.

Regardless of whether its a four or five-year deal, the time has come for the Cowboys to officially make Prescott their franchise quarterback.

Jerry and COO Stephen Jones have been on record several times about how much they WANT Prescott to be their man. For what’s it worth, Prescott has made himself almost the perfect face for a team that is arguably the most visible in all of team sports. Nothing about Prescott, on or off the field, should give the Cowboys pause about paying the upwards of at minimum $35+ million annually to the former Mississippi St star.

The Cowboys have demonstrated since the retirement of Troy Aikman they are inept at finding a quarterback and have lucked into both Tony Romo and now Dak Prescott. Prescott, surrounded by even more talent with the addition of rookie WR CeeDee Lamb, puts the Cowboys in best position to win long term given his continued growth. The scarcity of talent at the quarterback position coupled with the difficulty of finding a quarterback that can be a long-term solution makes the signing of Prescott paramount to the future prospects of ‘America’s Team’ potentially hoisting another Lombardi Trophy.

Jerry Jones shouldn’t need the unnecessary drama of waiting until the 11th hour or a deadline to do what he should’ve done last year.

For the Jones and the Cowboys…it’s time to make it ‘Rayne’ for Dak Prescott.

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