A lot of people have had a lot to say about Rayne Dakota Prescott’s contract situation with the Dallas Cowboys.

Here’s a friendly reminder about contracts, especially ones that involve franchise quarterbacks…they’re complicated.

With the Cowboys there is no shortage of news when it comes to America’s Team which has been magnified with virtually no sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore any piece of news with respect to Prescott’s contract situation will be magnified tenfold because there is virtually nothing else to talk about.

Case in point Chris Simms of NBC Sports virtually broke social media with reports that the star quarterback turned down a 5-yr, $175 million contact at $35 million per season. The kicker by Simms was that Prescott allegedly requested $45 million in the fifth and final year of said contract proposal.

Simms’ statements have been refuted on several accounts by the likes of Adam Schefter, Ian Rapoport, Mike Fisher, and Patrik Walker.

While the Cowboys continue to go through their off season program, people outside of the organization continue to speculate on what exactly is going on with Prescott’s deal.

Is it the number of years, the guaranteed money, the guaranteed money at signing, etc?

The simple answer is: yes.


Deals of this magnitude are hard and require a lot of moving parts. Not to mention Prescott has one of the most shrewd agents in the business in CAA’s Todd France making negotiations even more intense.

We’ve heard from virtually everyone on what and how Prescott should go about his contract negotiations, including me.

I’m reminded though of Prescott’s own words back during the SB week when he sat down with ESPN’s Sage Steele.

Prescott at that time said,

“…never just look at the money, never just look at what people see or the attention grabber…”.

The 26-year old is wise beyond his years and reminds to not fall for the okie doke of the headline attention grabbers from guys like Chris Simms.

Listen to the words of Prescott himself, he’s confident that things will get done. He has bet on himself time and time again. He won the bet going into 2019 and if he has to bet on himself again, he will. Moreover the Cowboys have proven they will cave at the 11th hour (see DeMarcus Lawrence & Ezekiel Elliott) when it comes to contract negotiations.

So in the words of Packers superstar Aaron Rodgers: R-E-L-A-X…relax.

Prescott isn’t bothered, and honesty neither should we.

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