Did Michael Jordan lie about getting food poisoning by eating a pizza before Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals?

According to ‘The Jordan Rules’ author and columnist for Bulls.com Sam Smith, Jordan lied about getting food poisoning before the infamous “Flu Game”.

The Last Dance documentary that swept the sports world gave us an inside look at the final year of the Chicago Bulls en route to their 6th and final NBA championship.

As the film ping-pongs back and forth in the lead up to the final season, Jordan’s ‘Flu Game’ comes up as of course as one of his most storied moments in his career.

In the story of course Jordan describes being hungry the night before game 5 and ordering a pizza in which 4 or 5 delivery guys showed up to deliver. Jordan eats the pizza and claims he got food poisoning from it.

He then went into game 5 of the finals and put on heroic performance in a crucial win.

Apparently, Smith says the details of that story along with a few other things are an outright lie.

Smith speaking to 95.7 The Game says,

“…like the pizza thing, the poison, that was complete nonsense. There were a couple of other things like that that I won’t get into.”

So someone is lying, either Jordan or Smith, about pizzagate.

Most will stick with Jordan, because I mean why not, right?

Flip the pages to see Jordan describe the food poison game and Smith’s comments.

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