The Dallas Cowboys are playing in what most consider the worst division in all of the NFL, the NFC East.

This year the NFC East is a combined 8-21-1 with the Eagles in first place at 3-4-1.

The Cowboys are 2-6 and currently have the 2nd worst point differential (-81) in the entire in NFL only the New York Jets are worse (-144).

Despite having lost three games in a row, with multiple embarrassments against the Cardinals, Washington Football Team and Eagles, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones still believes the Cowboys are in the NFC East division race to still fight.

Jones, making his regular Monday appearance on the Cowboys flagship station 105.3 The Fan said,

“I think we are in this to still fight we’re in the NFC East, its obviously a division that’s struggling right now…we’re going to improve as a football team I’m convinced of that…we like our players and we’ll continue to see how we improve and how we move forward.”

As Jones mentioned yes 40% of the salary cap is currently on injured reserved including its franchise quarterback, Dak Prescott, but the idea that the Cowboys can win this division given its problems is at the very least…interesting.

There seems to be no indication, maybe other than one inspired defensive performance to indicate that the Cowboys have the goods to turn things around to potentially win such a bad division.

The constant state of delusion that the Cowboys organization seems to operate in continues to frustrates Cowboys fans who have seen this team struggle against some of the worst teams in all of football. Jones’s statements continue what many believe is a futile attempt to pacify a fan base that has seen this team lose in a variety of ways in 2020.

Nonetheless, Jones believes with the return of Andy Dalton from a concussion this week, the Cowboys can still win this division with Jones stating that Dalton should start on Sunday against the Steelers.

Can the Cowboys find a way to somehow win such a putrid division or will they continue careening toward top-five NFL Draft pick?

Stephen Jones thinks the Cowboys can find a way to win…at the end of the day.

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